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    Another possible reason could be the expansion vessel generally within the boiler needs re-pressuring (although a good service will include this) Answered 18th Jul 2016 Like 3. Related Questions. our gas boiler was playing up kept losing about 1/2 bar of pressure every day and when the heating went on the pressure shot up to over 3 bar of Learn More

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    Nov 19, 2015 · The lack of pressure is only a problem in pressurised systems and theses include System and Combination boilers which work on a sealed heating circuit. The pressure is created by an expansion vessel which has a diaphragm bladder inside it that contracts and expands with the increase and decrease of volume of water in the system.Learn More

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    Jan 25, 2018 · Another reason why your boiler keeps losing pressure may be the expansion vessel. On a combi boiler, this component is usually inside the boiler's casing. Its purpose is to accommodate the expansion of the water when it's heated. The expansion vessel consists of two internal compartments divided by a rubber diaphragm.Learn More

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    Ironically, low pressure can be caused by having the pressure too high. Your system should have a pressure relief valve to keep it safe – the water outlet is usually located outside the home, behind where the boiler is located. If your pressure is a little too high when the system is cool, turning it on will make it even higher, and it will Learn More

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    Dec 22, 2018 · After tying the bag for three hours to the adjacent discharge pipe while the boiler was running, it remained dry while the pressure dropped by 0.1-0.2 bar. But a thought has occurred to me: when the boiler is running, the pressure rises by 0.5 bar and this might be enough to force water through the leak compared to when it's not running.Learn More