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    Specifications & Dimensions 4-60 HP Locating the Boiler The Gas Supply Boiler, Condensate Tank, and Blow off Separator Piping Boiler Installation The Steam Supply The Steam Safety Valve The Steam Pressure Gauge Assembly The Blow Off Valve The Feed Water Piping The Water ColumnLearn More


    1. (PG60.1) All boilers having a fixed water level (steam and water interface) shall have at least one gage glass (a transparent device that permits visual determination of the water level). 2. (PG‐60.1.1) Boilers having a maximum allowable working pressure exceeding 400 psi (3 MPa)Learn More

  • Building Permit Application

    Owner's Agent. Contractor Contractor's Agent City Business License? Yes. NoUBI Number. BUILDING PERMIT. 60 each Boiler/Compressor, over 50 hp: 100 each Floor Furnace with Vent: 15 each HVAC/Forced Air/Gravity, over 100,000 BTU : 20 each HVAC/Forced Air/Gravity, to 100,000 BTU : 15 each Gas Piping System, 1 to 5 outlets: 7 total Gas Piping Learn More

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    The State of Alaska does not require a Boilers License Reference paragraph 18.60.395 (c) does not require a person to be licensed in order to be a boiler operator. If a person wants to be licensed then a notarized application, $200.00 application fee, and experience verification are required for each of the four license classes.Learn More

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    conditions that protect the feedwater heaters, boiler, superheater, reheater, and turbine against corrosion, without further chemical additions. AVT can be used in "conventional" and HRSG drum-type boilers, provided high purity feedwater is available and the build-up of impurities in the boiler/evaporator water can be strictly controlled.Learn More

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    Southampton Hospital is an acute care hospital that operates a boiler plant. This plant includes two 200 hp and two 300 hp boilers which can be fired with either No. 2 oil or natural gas; and gensets powered by one 384 HP and two 1214 HP diesel engines. The facility is capped on oxides of nitrogen ar …Learn More

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    high-pressure boilers and deep well oil recovery equip-ment. To prevent costly corrosion damage, the liquids in contact with the metal surfaces must be treated, usually by a combination of physical and chemical means. Deaeration can reduce the dissolved oxygen concentra-tion of boiler feedwater from several ppm to a few ppb.Learn More

  • Inferring pH from Conductivity and - Power Engineering

    Nov 01, 2007 · In high pressure steam plants, small amounts of alkalizing agents are added to condensate, feedwater and boiler water to raise the pH to reduce corrosion. Boiler water chemicals also …Learn More

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    09539 Zabroske, Tony A. BOILER CONVERSION REDUCES COSTS AND AIR POLLU- TION. Plant Eng., 22(6):96, 98, March 21, 1968. The new, converted boilers at the Stewart-Warner Corp. are described. Total cost for the conversion of three 500-hp. water tube boilers from coal to a combination of gas and oil firing was $79,221.Learn More

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    Standard Voltage Notes: 1/3 HP blower motor through ¾ HP – 120V/60/1 phase, 1 HP blower motor – 240V/60/1 phase, 1-½ HP blower motor through 5 HP- 240V/60/3 phase Boiler Model Number Pressure drop thru gas train Inches W.C. Gas orifice pressure Inches W.C. HIGH FIRE Gas Pressure required at Gas Control Inlet Inches W.C. Initial Damper Learn More

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    In order to meed the need of production, in June, 2013, a company in Jatim, Indonesia purchased one set of 6 ton coal fired steam boiler from our company. The packaged grate coal fired boiler is designed to burn lignite coal and bituminous coal with coal size of 1—40mm, and …Learn More

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    Apr 16, 2003 · App. No.: 359772 A. FUNCTION: The boiler provided steam for a dye tank B. maximum Heat Input: 16,500,000 BTU/hr C. maximum throughput: D. burner information: no.: 1 type: Air Pre-mix e. primary fuel: Natural gas f. other fuel: None g. operating conditions: On/Off. The amount of time it was on was about 40% of the total time.Learn More

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    124 2 Hot Water Boiler - New Washer Line (B-4) New Washer Line – Natural gas-fired three-staged hot water 11.5 MM Btu/hr boiler 2005 135 2 Powder Coating – Lines 3 and 4 Natural gas-fired dry oven (3.85 MM Btu/hr) 2005 145 2 Powder Coating – Lines 3 and 4 Natural gas …Learn More

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    Instruction, Operation, and Maintenance Manual BoilersLearn More

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    The equipment and operation of fuel oil and natural gas boilers are described in AP 42, Fifth Edition, Volume I, Chapter 1: External Combustion Sources. 1 Information on fuel oil boilers and natural gas boilers is covered in Chapters 1.3 and 1.4, respectively. Information on emergency engines can be foundLearn More

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    The fiHfl and "HP" series boilers are designed to provide hot water for space heating, and can be plumbed to an indirect water heater to supply domestic hot water. By replacing the air and the gas orifices, the basic Heatmaker boiler has the flexibility to operate on either natural or LP gas and may be fired at 60,000, 100,000 or 130,000 BTU Learn More

  • Improving thermal cycle efficiency in advanced power

    Jan 01, 2010 · The high-pressure boiler outlet headers, piping, and the final stage of the superheater tubes will need to be fabricated of Ni-based alloys (Gabrielli and Schwevers, 2008). The materials of hot steam piping, valves, and the inlet parts of the high pressure (HP) and intermediate pressure (IP) turbines will also require an advancement of materials.Learn More

  • Focus on Organics in Steam - POWER Magazine

    Jun 01, 2009 · Remember that over the more than 60 years of using neutralizing amines in all types of industrial and utility boilers, to date, no turbine failures can be tied directly to the use of these organic Learn More

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    OptiSperse APFe Series – high-performance polymer blend for low-to-intermediate pressure (up to 900 psig) boiler systems where iron is the primary contaminant OptiSperse CPS Series – polymer, phosphate, and chelants blends that prevent the formation of both hardness and metal oxide deposits.Learn More

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    The other dominant contaminant, CO2, results from the breakdown of carbonate alkalinity in the boiler water or it can enter the system with any air in-leakage. Once the CO2 forms, it dissolves in water, creating carbonic acid, which lowers the pH and promotes corrosion of the …Learn More